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Floor Cleaning

People are walking in and out of lobbies, which can increase the amount of dirt, dust and bacteria. This can make lobbies look unkempt and dirty. And a dirty lobby can make a building look shabby, which can affect the value of the units inside the building.


Lobbies and parking level vestibules can contain enormous amounts of dirt, dust and bacteria due to the high volume of foot traffic. High levels of dirt in a lobby can also make it appear unkempt or unclean. This can diminish the overall appeal of the whole building and therefore can possibly affect the resale value of the units inside. At Building Doctor Solutions we offer programs to clean and remove the dirt and bacteria from the lobby and parking level floors. For most new buildings a simple deep cleaning can revitalize the floor. For older buildings a more intense restoration treatment may be required to get the floors looking their best. Contact Building Doctor Solutions for a quote.

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